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Going through my first experience in entrepreneurship helped me understand some of the basics of a successful startup. One of these basics is to find the right partners and team. To form a homogeneous team work in a healthy work environment. Finding individuals who share the same passion with you, work wholeheartedly, and give it their best, is truly a blessing. This, is without a doubt, one of the key factors of finding the right path to success.

“Working on a completely new project is probably my favorite part in working as a marketer. Having to work on a new project with different goals can be challenging. A good marketer would deal differently with each project depending on its requirements and purposes. So, employing unique marketing strategies depending on each project is a must.Staying up to date on what is new in this field is crucial to provide partners and clients with the right value. Sometimes, it takes more than just a strategy to make a campaign work. For example, it takes more effort and work to promote a startups. You must have a clear vision of the marketing sphere to come up with a proper marketing strategy for a startup.  The same thing can be said when working with non-profit organizations and government projects. A marketer must have a wide range of strategies and tools in order to provide the right marketing strategies for each organization.Going through different projects concerning type and size, I found myself in a position to provide counseling and marketing services for these organizations with the appropriate strategies and the effective process in order to achieve the required goals.”

– Ahmed Barakat “Success Stories”

Startup Companies

Taking part in many successful projects as a marketer; either big or small, drew my compass towards entrepreneurship. Indeed, I begin my journey in entrepreneurship only to end up founding three startups. I enjoyed the process of creating something from scratch. Yes, it was tough and challenging in many times, but that itself is part of the process and the journey. A journey which taught me how effective is perseverance and strong will in the success of startups.

It may not be surprising to say that my first attempt to succeed in entrepreneurship was through the gate of marketing itself; my passion. Marketing is the main engine of my three startups


a startup that specializes in digital skills and offering marketing and counseling services for companies which are keen to build a presence in their targeted markets.

Max Production

Offers its services for those who are looking to promote their products and services through promotional videos with unique concepts. Focusing on promotional videos comes from how popular they are nowadays.

Alkhaleej Real Estate

a platform for marketing real estates. Its headquarters are in Turkey. 

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